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At Wlodinguer & Asociates we have vast knowledge and experience in taxes for both individuals and corporate entities (profit and non-profit)

We work in all types of tax returns whether you are an entity or induvial.

  • Income Tax Returns (Individual and Corporate)

  • All States and territories

  • Federal


  • Sales and Use Taxes

  • Volume of Business Taxes

  • Property Tax

  • Department of State



We provide complete payroll preparation outsourcing services:


  • Preparation of payroll in the frequency desired

  • Direct Deposit

  • Quarterly Payroll Returns

  • Informatives (Form 480.6, W2PR, among others)



We provide knowledgeable consulting services to help you reach your goals in the following areas:



  • Taxes


  • Business Operations


  • Human Resources

  • Litigation Support

Financial Statements


As Certified Public Accountants we maintain an independent perspective. In this area we can help you with the following types of financial statements:

  • Compilations


  • Reviews

  • Audits

  • Agreed Upon Procedures

Bookkeeping and/or write up services


We can help you by creating, reviewing and/or maintaining your accounting books.  As a result of this service your will have your accounting records up to date and your financial statements which include:


  • Balance Sheet

  • Income Statement

  • Statement of Cash Flows

Government Agency Representation and Resolution

We can provide assistance and/or representation with taxes (including offers in compromise), corporate, human resources, permits and licensing among others. These services are provided in state, federal and/or municipal agencies.

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